Friday, December 31, 2010

How to bring in the Northern Cardinals

We have had a very warm and sunny day today even though you see all the snow in these pictures, it is melting fast!
I just had to get outside and do a little hands on, decorating if you will, trying to make the area a little more bird friendly.
I placed this tarnished silver dish on the gazing ball stand and put some feed in it.

Since the water in the bird bath and every where else for that matter has been frozen for weeks, I decided to put their water in an enamelware dish. I like enamelware and thought my birds would too!

I have read that Northern Cardinals like a flat feeder so I found this tray in a pinch and put some cranberries and Cardinal Mix out on it.

In less than one minute after I went inside, I turned around and he was here at the silver dish.
Seems he likes nice dishes too!
Notice the American Goldfinch also in the dish?
Looks like he is fighting the Cardinal off!

Tufted Titmouse, Black Capped Chickadees, White breasted Nuthatch,
Junco's, Purple House Finch, House Finch,
American Goldfinch, Blue jay's and Northern Cardinals
Have been here all day!
I have several other species thrown in there too.
Several Woodpecker sightings this year.

My husband made this squirrel feeder to lure the squirrels into the woods behind our house.
No where near the bird feeders!

Pretty cute huh?
So my friends, if you are trying to lure more Cardinals in to your bird feeders just decorate a little!!

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